Artist Relations

Our artist management service is not to only stay in constant communication with the artist to plan their schedules but to develop their brand as a whole. An artist needs promotional events, exposure, travel arrangements & social media representation towards what we focus on. Our excellent communication skills, together with our public relations expertise allows us to provide an artist with everything they need before they even knew they needed it. With strong dedication and great belief towards our artists, we find the key to their success.


Any size from DJ hires, negotiating, equipment, venue event concept. Once we establish the objective of the event we know how to source the perfect venue, the best lighting & all your music & equipment needs. We achieve unique events by providing spot-on solutions & having the creative mind to produce something exceptional. Our organisation & negotiation skills ensure a seamless event for everyone to enjoy. Whether we do the event theming and décor, videography/photography or providing merely the music, we got you covered.


Raibin Productions knows what it takes to have an amazing night out, as it has been living & breathing the international nightlife scene for over 15 years. Allowing to pursue whatever necessary for an evening out in the West End of London. Our connections in London, Mykonos, Ibiza, Cape Town, Tel Aviv, Dubai & New York allows us to book any nightclub table. Knowing the best places in town is a secret that we are willing to share.

Travel Concierge

With special requests, we can tailor your holiday from Mykonos, Ibiza, Tel Aviv & Cape Town for all your holiday needs. Outsourcing from our best resources to provide the best outcome for your trip abroad.