David Hasert

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German DJ & live act David Hasert, creator of LIKE Records is a key figure in the electronic music scene of Cologne. He is also the face of Reineke Fuchs & responsible for the high-quality bookings for the club’s unique success.


After multiple releases on his own label LIKE, Beats In Space, Dantze & Kompakt Records, there with his Projekt DAMH (which he is running with ADA), its not unusual that David is touring all over the world, playing nearly every weekend at different spots – 2015’s highlight clearly is Davids first USA tour finished with a Gig at the legendary Burning Man Festival.

While playing in White Ocean Burning Man camp, David meets & befriends a future wingman by the name of Francesco Mami. The two hit it off & joined their musical visions together. The two then released their first burning man inspired EP 'Black Rocks'.