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GoodLuck is South Africa’s most exciting live electronic band, challenging audiences from around the world to take interest in a modern sound that is being hailed as truly African with the ability to cross over to an international electronic pop audience.


Their music is an irresistible blend of electronica, pop & subtle influences of jazz. GoodLuck creates a sound that is thoroughly their own & they have been taking this sound to audiences across Europe, Africa & the UK.


The award-winning electronic trio, who have achieved an astonishing 8 radio #1 charting hits in just 4 years. GoodLuck are known for their incredible live show, pushing the boundaries of live electronic performance with their use of drum machines, synthesisers, electronic percussion, saxophone & vocal performance. GoodLuck’s latest release ‘Thinking About You’ is signed to Ultra Records & is set for global release on 31 March 2017.

challenges audiences across the globe to take an interest in a new-wave of pop music that is being hailed as uniquely African with an ability to transcend audiences and cross over to modern electronic sound.